Stills Service Production

Collaborating with renowned photographers and agencies, we offer premium production support to bring your creative concepts to life.

We’re a highly-skilled team who can support and drive your artistic visions, with a focused approach to production. We set the standards high for being on brief, on budget and on schedule. We can be fast and flexible, allowing us to quickly accommodate any changing briefs and honour quick turnaround times.

We’re well equipped to work in-studio or on-location, and can support all production, location and casting needs to lead your project to full completion.

Stills Campaign Shoot

Who we’ve worked with

Visually-striking, high-profile campaigns are what we’ve built our reputation on. We have facilitated the stills shoots behind some of the world’s biggest global advertising campaigns, working alongside leading brands across a range of industries.

We can successfully execute the production of stills for any brief, product-focused or brand-centred, highlighted by our experience working with a number of world-class names over the years, from international technology companies to worldwide sportswear.

Stills Campaign Shoot

What we can do for you

With a vast network of contacts, we have the capabilities to provide the necessary equipment, crew and photo-friendly studio or location required for a successful shoot.

Our services can cover all aspects of your production, or as little as needed.

Photography Studio Spaces

We’re well connected with a number of local photography studios which makes gaining access a faster and more efficient process.

Should your shoot require more space than a typical photography studio can offer, we also have excellent relationships with larger TV studios, so can source the size space that you need.

Crew & Equipment Hire

We have established excellent relationships with reliable local equipment suppliers, so we can source exactly what you need for your shoot, and when. Our bespoke services mean that we’ll be able to get hold of anything, from a full lighting & camera package to a few additional accessories.

We can also recommend the most qualified crew members available, should you need to build a local team.

Sourcing Local Specialists

We don’t do substandard stills photography. Our main priority on any shoot is ensuring that your products and/or talents are showcased in the best possible way.

With this, we’ll always ensure we have the right people on set to make this happen. From knowledgeable glamour & styling teams to food/drink specific stylists, we can source the local specialists with an eye for detail that will take your product photography to the next level.

Our offerings are tailored around your individual requirements, and should you need anything extra for your shoot, we’ll endeavour to meet your request.

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